Student Support


Many of our students ask us to arrange student accommodation on London for some or all of their time in London.

Choosing the right student accommodation in London is very important: our Accommodation Officers will listen to you and match you with the best choice.

We know how much your home life affects your happiness and your studies. This is why we take great care in choosing and monitoring the accommodation we provide. We have worked with several of our accommodation providers for over 10 years.

There are the following choices:

Homestay: At our homestay accommodation in London, the hosts treat you as a full member of the household, eating together and sharing the common living areas. This gives you regular contact with English speakers and an insight into British life. All of our homestays conform to British Council requirements, and are chosen for the warmth, care and concern they show our students. We offer single and twin rooms in homestays with different meal plans (e.g. self-catering, bed & breakfast, breakfast & dinner).

Student Residence: Staying in a student residence in London with other young adults gives you independence and freedom. We work with several student residences in London and we offer single, twin and triple rooms in student residences.

We regularly inspect all our accommodation so that you will be happy. We also work with accommodation agencies that are registered with the British Council, in order to ensure good quality accommodation.

Social Activities

LSC offers regular social activities to help you enjoy your time in London as much as possible. There are some activities you have to pay for, and some that are free.

On our exciting social activities programme we will take you to visit tourist attractions in London and throughout the UK. We arrange a variety of cultural visits and sporting activities where you can also meet international friends and practise your English.

All activities are led by a trained member of LSC staff. On some of our trips, we organise 50 seater coaches, and places fill up very quickly, so make sure that you don’t miss out.


If you are a citizen of a country in the European Union or the European Economic Area, or of Switzerland, you do not need a visa to enter the UK. If you are from one of these countries none of this note applies to you and you can stop reading now!

If you have two passports because, for example, you have dual nationality, with one nationality being from inside Europe, you will be considered as a European citizen and so you will not need a visa to study. For example, if you are Brazilian student but also have a valid Italian passport, you will not need a visa to study English at LSC, because you will be able to enter the UK with your Italian passport.

If you come from anywhere else you will need a visa, so please continue to read this page!

For adults aged 18 or over, there are three sorts of study visa that you can obtain:

  • Short-Term Study Visa (6 months) (6 month STSV)
  • Short-Term Study Visa (11 months) (11 month STSV)
  • A General Student Visa (GSV)
  • Each visa gives different rights and entitlements, so when you book a course at LSC you will need to tell us which one you want.


Before you arrive in the UK, we strongly recommend that you take out insurance for your own financial and personal security. You can take out your own insurance or take out the International Student Policy offered by Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited which has been specially designed for overseas students studying in the UK.

The International Student Policy covers:

  • emergency medical expenses
  • repatriation
  • cancellation or curtailment charges
  • baggage
  • personal money, passport and documents
  • course fees
  • personal liability
  • legal expenses

Please note it is advisable to take out your student insurance at the time of booking your trip as cover will commence for pre-departure cancellation from the policy issue date. This will, therefore, provide cover should you have to cancel your course for an insured reason such as illness or serious accident preventing you from travelling.